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Matt Mischewski

I am a Project Manager/Business Analyst and Fullstack Developer with experience engineering software and physical construction projects.

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As a Project Manager I have worked RFPs across multiple project types and built systems to optimise speed of response and accuracy of pricing. The more consistent and predictable your foundations the better prepared for taking on bigger bets with greater rewards.

  1. Know your toolset
  2. Evolve process to reduce costs
  3. Know when you need to ask an expert
  4. Know how to question an expert
  5. Systemise wisdom gained from experts

The best Project Managers are really coaches, because we can build systems that can manage work, we can't build systems that create a human connection.

The best coaches:

  • Identify and leverage strengths
  • Express gratitude for work done
  • Connect people through stories

See work experiences for more background on the influences past roles have had on thinking about how to get stuff done.


Web3 provides the opportunity to ensure humanity has a future.

  1. Record evolving thoughts of the Web3 ecosystem and impact on traditional systems
  2. create a breadcrumb trail to retrieve information quickly when needed
  3. create a roadmap of things learned and concepts I need to learn
  4. create space for the unconscious imagination to fill with ideas
  5. explore new opportunities by linking thinking

Hopefully this site will also be a useful resource to those that prefer an outside-in approach to thinking.

My experience building automated decision making systems would be very beneficial to the hybrid smart contracts frontier.

Want to see the future of banks? Look at telcos

Throughout my career I have focused on enabling organisations to scale through:

Software Development

I am most interested in software development as means of using the tool personally to run organisational operations more effectively.

Tech Stack

Evolving thoughts on how to approach software engineering:

  1. Tech Stack Decision Checklist
  2. Developer Roadmaps to fill required gaps
  3. Stack Analysis Spreadsheet

Refer to this experimental Github project for evolving ideas on creating a stack to build in the Web3 economy.

Product Management

Business Administration and Product Management is fundamentally about running a series of projects that can be broken down into six week reporting and strategising cycles.

To be successful your team must:

  1. Share a common Vision and Mission
  2. Have clear communication strategies
  3. Quantify value you intend to create for your customers
  4. Quantify how creating customer value will add value to your organisation

I have contributing to the evolution of the following products:

Business Sector Experience

  • Software as Service (SaaS)
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Healthcare Practice Operations
  • Telecommunications Systems Development and Sales
  • Telecommunications Operations Consultancy
  • Food and Beverage Engineering Consultancy
  • Manufacturing Research and Design

See work experience for more detailed information.

Roles and Responsibilities

The most complex problem is the Automated Routing and Pricing Algorithms for WorldCom and British Telecoms, but working on building the world's biggest cheese factory also had challenges. Both required the ability to listen carefully to the advice from domain experts and form the bigger picture for best path forward.

I have worked with the design, planning, engineering and selling of both software and physical products and projects.


The greatest influence on my thinking of how to run business operations comes from working at Ashton Project Services.

Ashton Project Services was very far ahead of the times with approach to digitisation of project management systems. I experienced first hand the importance of having these systems and a strong interpersonal culture to scaling up a team of strangers to deliver results in a short amount of time under a high degree of pressure.

I have worked directly and indirectly for the following companies.


I have an NZCE in Mechancial Engineering from New Zealand Institute of Technology (NZIT). The intended to gain an Engineering Degree, but I broke my collar bone playing rugby and took a job and was soon working equally alongside Engineers that had degrees so decided to save the money.

I continually invest in taking courses or paying for subscriptions to further learning on subjects of interest.


Spaced repetition driven learning environment for fundmentals of programming with:

  • Everyday TypeScript
  • Advanced TypeScript
  • Modern JavaScript
  • JavaScript Concurrency
  • JavaScript Arrays

Udemy Courses:


The biggest impedient to getting anything done is desire. When I believe in the value of a problem to be solved, I will do what it takes to learn how to solve that problem.

My approach is to walk the pipe to understand all the inputs and desired outputs and taking big complex operations and breaking them down into smaller simpler concepts of required inputs and desired outputs.

I like to use team sport as a lens to think about what it takes to run successful organisations. Learn more about personal background and intentions for the future.