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Business Departments

How anti-fragile are your departments business processes?

The more you can trust your processes the greater the challenges you can take on.


Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face - Mike Tyson

Use process maps to capture reality and process models to capture opportunities for optimal improvement.

The first step to collective growth is to methodically document a process so that someone else can follow instructions to obtain the same outcomes with needing to ask for assistance.

Create routines to follow processes until the process becomes a second nature habit. But that takes time and repeated practice. The more a team understands process, the more consise and abstract communication can become and deeper the insights to contribute back to continual improvement and stronger foundations for the next generation of problem solvers to follow.

If a process runs like a pure function there is no room for improvement so it can be removed from cognitive load as something to be concerned about.


AB and maybe even C test your processes to ensure your operations are anti-fragile