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Exponential organisations demand people with exponential mindsets.

You need a navigation system to avoid risk and spot opportunities on the horizon and continuously engineer better levers that can maneuver your ship with speed and agility.


Open, lean, agile, with ability to execute accurate decisions with speed. Form a crew of dedicated and focused mates built on real connection, not a navy of fake bonds.

Relentlessly and ruthlessly attack bullshit.

Create anti-fragile business models that thrive in the face of uncertainty and chaos.

The best idea/decision can come from anyone at anytime the strength of the team is recognising the leader as the one who knows what to do next. Job titles are irrelevant and primarily exist as a lazy mechansim to quantify pay grade.

Evolve mindset with tech to reimagine ecosystems that thrive in trust built upon real connections.


If you don't appreciate what holds value how can you expect to create it? Control the flow of value with closed loop systems that drive continuous improvement.

first principles of flow
  • Follow the the flow of thought to understand triggers
  • Follow their flow of actions and understand their motivation
  • Measure the impact of the flow outcomes to understand their contribution?

Success is having the freedom to spend your time with people doing things that provide a shared sense of fulfillment.


Create flow from chaos by practising better decision making, the first being your internal state and perspective of the big picture, attention in narrow and deep but intrinsically aligned with broader context.

The optimal state of inner experience is one in which there is order in consciousness. This happens when psychic energy - attention - is invested in realistic goals, and when skills match the opportunities for action. The pursuit of a goal brings order in awareness because a person must concentrate attention on the task at hand and momentarily forget everything else. These periods of struggling to overcome obstacles are what people find to be the most enjoyable times of their lives. A person who has achieved control over psychic energy - attention - and has invested it in consciously chosen goals cannot help but grow into a more complex being. By stretching skills, by reaching toward higher challenges, such a person becomes an increasingly extraordinary individual. The pursuit of a goal brings order because it serves as a organizing principle for psychic energy. When psychic energy is not invested in a goal, it tends to go its own way, producing entropy and disorder. When psychic energy is invested in a goal, it is as if some of the energy is removed from the inner chaos and used to create a new, orderly structure. The more energy that is invested, the more order emerges from chaos. When a goal is finally reached, the energy is freed and can be used to pursue other goals. The pursuit of goals organizes the mind and helps to create inner order. - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

  • Options - First Principles / Engineering
  • Intention - Pictures / Maps / Journeys
  • Action - Habits / Processes / Workflows
  • Navigation - Focus / Attention / Mantra

Flow comes from the wisdom to know what is most important to act on next


The more you learn the better the pictures you can imagine. The clearer the pictures the greater your ability to engineer their reality.

What needs to be assembled to create systems that generate flow and engineer soul into the systems that run our lives?

  • People: grow trusted connections
  • Protocol: succinct exchange of knowledge/wisdom
  • Product: create and sell things that people value
  • Process: optimise core operations
  • Platform: build assets and learn how to use them to maximum advantage

Reward lies at the nexus of intelligent leverage of physical human collaboration capabilities, strength, skill and enduranace combined with situational awareness.


If you can see it you can do it. Invest time to engineer pictures you can use to engineer the future.


How is the world turning? How do you become a superforecaster?

Develop a routine framework/checklists to review on a consistent basis to evolve narrative of the big picture.

Engineer systems that generate flow through focused attention.


We all to need to invest time wisely on where to dedicate attention.


Stay on track in times of pressues and complexity to override system one decision making.

Know enough to know what to ask:

  • Games will run the world
  • Games are best form of marketing
  • Marketing is education
  • Education is marketing

Better to be a pirate than join the navy.