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Civilisation is in a race between education and catastrophe - HG Wells

On the path to engineering your own dreams you need to learn how to learn faster, then solidify concepts by establishing how you can teach, then become a more effective teacher by becoming a coach that can identify talent and correct timing for the right obstacle to maintain the flow of positive growth.

Every business is in the education business. It is more efficient to invest in education of talent that engineer products that educate consumers rather than educate talent to educate consumers directly.

It's not what you know but knowing what to ask that will set you apart.

What problem do you feel drawn towards solving?

How should you invest your time to maximum positive effect?


Better people practice better decisions

Personal Brand

The most important skill is sorting truth from deception by establishing checklists to systematically improve your capability to decern one from the other.

Learn how to use data to drive decisions. The most important thing to analysing data is having a question that is worth solving and ability to recognise data that has integrity.

Third Web

With web3 your reputation will preceed you, your thoughts backed by actions will become part of your brand.

Everyone is a brand, everyone is an investor.

Build strong fundamental skills so you can focus on optimising innate talents. Keep an open mind about your destination, if you maintain discipline to improve your processes you will find your path to value.


Learn to Build
Learn to Sell

If you can do both, you will be unstoppable - Naval

Skill Portfolio

The most valuable team members understand the big picture and what drives the creation of value.

Establish creative skills in two or three technical disciplines.

Any organisation that hopes to leave a legacy must continously invest in processes that recognise talent and nuture mastery.


Stay hungry, stay foolish