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You know you know it when you can teach it.


You can't teach if you can't ignite a fire in your students imagination

Teachers provide knowledge, Coaches help you use that knowledge to best effect.

A teacher is typically dealing with a blank slate. A coach is re-sculpting something that has already exists.

Teaching is more of a straight line, step-by-step approach comprised mostly of one-way communication, with the goal of presenting brand new, never-before-learned information.

  • Introduces new ideas
  • Students have little prior knowledge
  • Challenge your understanding

Challenge understanding


Need to trust your teacher knows what they are talking about from experience.

You need to trust your coach can see your potential and has your best interests at heart.


Scaffolding the minimal amount of knowledge to handle the next level challenge.

The best person to teach another how to pass through a challenge is someone that has just completed the same challenge.

Manage teams to spend time with More Knowledgeable Others (MKOs) where members can recognise each others Zone of Proximal Development and help each other to level up.

MKOs comes from research of Lev Vygotsky a Russian psychologist that believed education is socio-cultural.

Eventually that person becomes more knowledgeable and scaffold the next generation of learner.

Truth and Mindset

How do you teach people to seek the truth?

Ability to seek the truth helps with reaching consensus decision in a world of imperfect/asymmetric information.

Business Leadership

Instill a small company mindset to focus on getting the best out of people.

Better, more capable people, are better to be around and create better businesses.

Drive efficient scalability by providing people the platform to perform across:

Seek smart people that explain their thought process and prepared to be wrong, in other words, people that can be taught are most valuable.

Leaders are teachers.