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Engineer systems to optimise the flow of thought to go from problem identification to shipping valuable solutions.

first principles of flow

Map out how value flows through systems from a first principles perspective.

  1. Define Problems
  2. Capture Ideas
  3. Commit Attention
  4. Control Quality
  5. Ship Value
  6. Ask Better Questions

If you cannot achieve consistency improvement is guesswork


Engineer Flow

Great engineering ensures that people cannot help but follow the flow of success.

first principles of flow

Engineer systems that optimise the flow of progress.


Great engineers build systems that sell their solutions.

First Principles

When you understand a problem from first principles, opportunities are many, are you create anti-fragile solutions while elminating waste - Pavel Tsatsouline

Deliver the most, with the least, the fastest, and without negative side effects.

  • Inputs
  • Risks
  • Processes
  • Assets
  • Skills
  • Outcomes
  • Waste
  • Side effects

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo Da Vinci