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First Principles

When you understand first principles, the opportunities are manifold - Pavel Tsatsouline

  • Inputs
  • Processes
  • Assets
  • Skills
  • Outputs
  • Side effects
  • Actions and consequences


New programmers tend to stop working on code as soon as it works. With more experience, they learn that working code isn't enough. Code must also be understandable and maintainable by other programmers, including programmers who join the team in the future and don't know the code's history


Create the most value with the least resources and minimal negative side effects, while standardising building blocks for future expansion of ideas.


What will standards for blockchain require?

ISO-9001 and business process standardisation to help scale organisations by:

  • Train employees
  • Deliver quality
  • Deliver on time
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Think more clearly
  • Prevent firefighting


The Meta of the Matter is where the real value lies.

Homeostatic software by Chad Fowler