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Finding Help

Every developer should know the essential roadmap of getting help on a problem they get stuck on.


  1. Google / Chat GPT3 the exact error.
  2. Look on StackOverflow or a Stack Exchange
  3. Check issues on the Github Repo
  4. Ask a question in a Forum
  5. Ask a question in Discord


When asking questions follow these protocols.

  • Searchable: So others with the same problem can find your question
  • Minimal and Reproducible: The more specific to your use you get, the less likely an answer

Think of asking questions in a forum or stack overflow as living documentation. The better you format your question, the easier it becomes to answer.

When to ask a question

If there is no answer on the first page of google results, post a question to stack overflow.

But a rule of thumb is that Stackoverflow or Stack Exchange ETH should be one of the first places I always look when I run into an issue.

  • Stack Exchange is usually a little friendlier
  • StackOverflow has a better search ranking

Don't use these forums for theoretical questions. That's for Discord or Twitter.