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Software Roles

Simple Titles for less bullshit and grifters with a clearer path to mastery and fairer rewards for commitment and expertise.


  • Junior Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Systems Developer
  • Business Developer
  • Web3 Developer
  • Master

The best engineers are team players that understand the value of selflessly investing in systems that enable others to level up because they understand the limitations of their own capacity to ship.

Junior Developer

Starting out on path to be a developer. Yet to understand what their specialisation is?

Learning through testing

  • Documentation
  • Testing code
  • Basic frontend design
  • Simple CRUD operations

Systems Developer

Dev Ops, makes sure infrastructure is available and running smoothly.

  • Documentation
  • Build Tools
  • CI/CD pipelines

Business Developer

Focused on Domain Problem, must have empathy for the problem customers are facing.

Will have ability to work across the stack but might be more specialised on backend and data processing over frontend UI/UX.

  • Documentation
  • Extract Domain Knowledge from Customers
  • Code with best Practice Patterns





  • Identity
  • Trust


  • DB Admin
  • ETL
  • ML and AI

Dev Ops

The Future of DevOps



  • Rest APIs
  • GraphAPI
  • File Storage
  • Identity API

Web3 Developer

Study smart contracts of projects that have withstood the test of time.


Aim for 90/10 split for reading vs writing smart contract code

Study the source code of well established projects to understand the core of where the project creates value and look for common patterns that can be extracted and reused to build other projects.

Start with earlier versions where code is less complex with the aim to understand the principle flow of inputs to desired outputs and risks to mitigate inbetween.


Writing secure code is vital and challenging so spend alot of time reading existing source code that has stood the test of time and remained safe, because changing just one line of code can lead to an exploit. - Andre Cronje (34 mins)

Learning paths:


It is necessary to take extra precautions to confirm that a transfer to another ERC20 contract is valid.

Common Patterns


Data Oracles


Coding Smart Contracts for DAO operations.

Project Source Code

Required Skills


What tools and frameworks are essential for game developers?

Dice Game