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Tech Stack Decisions

Software's job is to faciliate the flow of ideas into valuable actions.

Allocate R&D resources to continuously evolve platform and process through experiments.

Decide how to optimise your flow of energy by focusing on what matters most.

Think deep to engineer systems to act wisdom you need to think fast.


Create a standard checklist to routinely re-affirm convictions and make evolutionary bets.

  • Business view
  • Product
  • Leadership in tech
  • Development process
  • Hosting
  • Deployment
  • Software architecture
  • Quality Assurance
  • Stakeholder collaboration
  • Tech ecosystem and culture

Routinely Evolve your toolset to enhance developer experience and enables ability to ship value as fast as possible.


Happy customers pay the bills

  • Maintainability
  • Understandability
  • Consistency
  • Reusability

Priorities and Culture

Everyone in an organization has a stake in the tech stack.

  • Does your tech stack allow for scalability and innovation?
  • Do you choose tools that integrate well with the other systems you have in place?
  • Do you include internal teams in the evaluation process?

Context Shifting

Maintain a flow state by reducing context shifts to a minimum.

Fit for Purpose

Does it fit with the operating purpose and vision for the organisation.

  • how suitable right now?
  • how long into the future?


How flexible at providing solutions to many types of problem?

Beside the core purpose for evaluation, what other potential uses are there?

Developer Experience

  • Does it make being a good developer easier to achieve?

See Software Development Metrics

Time until Valuable Commit

  • How much effort team to upskill?
  • How quickly can new developers make a valuable commit?
  • Suitable for growing teams?
  • Can new hires read docs or require handholding?
  • External training costs?

Talent Pool

Why you can't hire your way out of a tech talent drought.

  • Do you need to recruit new people?
  • What is the state of developer adoption state and trend?

Cost of Recruitment

  • What are the costs for level of expertise you need? How do those costs compare to industry standards?

Cost Analysis

  • Licence costs?
  • Training costs?
  • Data migration costs?
  • Recurring costs?
  • Lockin costs? How does the price ramp up after a trial? or as the company scales?

Developer Machine Setup

Time and complexity to setup:

  • Business Operations machine
  • Developer Machine
  • Continuous integration (CI)

See laptop setup

Deployment Complexity

  • How easy?
  • What skill level?
  • How many hours of life will be lost solving deployment issues?

Support Ecosystem

  • Vendor Support? What Channels? What Cost?
  • Repo Community and Activity
  • Stack Overflow
  • Related Github Projects
  • Tech Leader Endorsements


  • What are risks and benefits?
  • How robust?
  • What proof?


What do you need to choose from?

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