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Web3 UI Components

Goal is to have UI library that works seamlessly with standards compliant smart contracts providing solid UI design principles out of the box but with ability to be customised without limits.

As per Headless UI from Tailwind Labs.

Gather all the web3 ui components libraries to enable comparison and gap analysis.


Eth Hooks - Scaffold Ethn/a
Eth Components - Scaffold Ethant
Web3 UI - Developer DAO
Web3 React - Noah Zinsmeister
Web3 UI Kit - Web3UI

Best Practices

Collect best practices for creating web3 applications and compare against design implementations of libraries that are available.

SourcePracticeScaffold Eth
GeneralSaving Gas
GeneralApp Performance
MetaMaskOnboarding Users


Eth Hooks - Scaffold Eth
Component Driven DevelopmentArchitecture
MetaMaskDominant Wallet