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Progress relies on taking chances with evolutionary bets on untested protocols to see what happens.

Run experiments to evolve protocols using first principles thinking to ship greater value faster.

  1. Turn problems into a question
  2. Answer the question
  3. Connect a product to that answer
  4. Create experiments to validate products


Evolve by asking a more enlightened questions that lead to commitment to smarter actions.

Scientific MethodHabit to Practice
ObservationDevelop curious attention
ResearchLearn about the subject
HypothesisAsk the best question you can think of
Make predictionsForecast expected outcomes
ExperimentDesign and perform an experiment to test your hypothesis
Analyze DataRecord observations and analyze their meaning
ConclusionAssess the decision making process vs results

Today's facts are tomorrow's fiction.

A good hypothesis statement includes four attributes:

  1. Can be disagreed with.
  2. Subject can be improved and quantified.
  3. Clearly expresses one main idea.
  4. Has potentional for a clear conclusion.



How do successful organisations run experiments to evolve?