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Grow with Flow, Grow with Soul. Your Ego is the Enemy.

Grow at the optimal rate by taking control of your feedback loops.

Identify signal through the noise. Know what levers you need to be able to adjust.


No hurry; no pause; Slow is smooth; smooth is fast!


The Four Percent Rule

Dream big. Evolve a sense of destiny that inspires people to believe the hard yards will be worth the effort.

Observe, Absorb, Record

Map out pipelines

Reflect, Refine, Repeat

  1. Take in the big picture.
  2. Move things around
  3. Connect elements
  4. Define things better

Ask a better questions

The Flow to thought to value creation:

  • Problems to Questions
  • Questions to Ideas
  • Ideas to Liquidity
  • Liquidity to Actions
  • Actions to Products
  • Products to Value

Psychology of Flow

You can't enter a state of flow if you are second-guessing your decision

  1. Clarity of goals and reward in mind and immediate feedback
  2. There is a balance between challenge and skills
  3. Complete concentration on the task
  4. Transformation of time (speeding up/slowing down)
  5. The experience is intrinsically rewarding
  6. Actions and awareness are merged, losing self-conscious rumination
  7. There is a feeling of control over the task

Psychology of Flow

Thrive in Chaos

Blockchain Decentralisation will Require Managerless Processes

Software Development

The highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of software that creates value.

The Secret Assumption of Agile


Smaller servicesBreakdown problems
Event busComms Architecture
Active monitoringReplacing rigorous acceptance testing
K8sAutomatic Recovery

How to handle change?

Managers view

  1. We don't need change - Naive Optimist
  2. What changes - Ignorance
  3. Backlog + Change Management - Futile attempt to control change
  4. Accomodate the inevitable - Architecture and Processes

Testing Predictability

How will component parts react under pressure?

You can test and measure performance in isolation, but the only true measure of performance is how the orchestrate together in real world pressure of the game.

With microservices as with players you need to monitor performance closely then make judgements on replacements with the intent to improve results.

Managing Uncertainty

Fuzzy vs Traditional Problems

Write Code that is easy to change

Fred George Presentations


Chaos Development: Removing software as the inhibitor of Agile - Fred George

Embrace the chaos

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