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What is the critical path to navigate the idea maze to accelerate positive change?

  • What is the most important problem to solve?
  • Is it time to defend or attack?
  • Consolidate, or take risks?

Balance with priorities. Challenge then commit.

Project Management

Perform projects in six weeks cycles. Six weeks is half a quarter but also a good length of time to measure impact.

  • Appetite: Is the anticipated reward worth the effort?
  • Values: Action aligns with principles?
  • Assets: Do we have the necessary foundations?
  • Skills: Do we have the right team?
  • Belief: How strong is our belief in this mission?
  • Vision: Is this what we are in the game for?


Who how when with what for how long?

  • Customer value creation?
  • Interval value creation?
  • Partner value creation?

Look for RATs

Riskiest Assumption Testing

What is the riskiest assumption? How can the path to failure be recognised as fast as possible? When assessing success and failure what decisions do we agree to in advance?


Engineer routines for success

Goal Setting
Pattern Recognition
Human Resource Management
LeadershipPrioritise projects options that deliver on Vision and Mission