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Strong opinions loosely held.

For information to be useful it must be timely and actionable.

Connect levers to triggers.

Worst First

Stay in the game by leveraging data to drive better decision making to focus on moving the needle in response to critical outcomes.

  • What data is needed to check decisions?
  • What values trigger new decisions?
  • Can the decision be automated?
  • How much is enough money?

Link KPIs to Business Process Maps then fine tune the feedback loop.


Set up warning signals to identify where clear actions are required to prevent steering into the rocks.

  • Premeditated actions or decisions
  • Deep thinking research and analysis

Create a system of signals associated with evolving best practice response actions.

MetricResultSignalDecision Workflow
CACFailure< $200Channel Review
Future BookingsFailure< 40%Paid Advertising
Billable SaturationSuccess> 80%Bonus Scheme

Once you have committed to a course of action, you don't need to think about your bearing until you reach the next waypoint.


What gets measured gets improved.

Take care of the bad news and the good news will take care of itself.


Engineer discipline into every process