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Train your brain to believe the pictures you intend to make real.

The difference between digging a hole and investing in foundations is belief in a bigger purpose. The higher the structure the deeper the foundations.

To be and what not to be? Connect with dreams for direction, use nightmares to focus priorities.


Meaning, purpose and identity: are deeply integrated into successful organizations and influence everything from strategic decisions to team dynamics.

  • Deeply Integrate Purpose: Ensure that the organization's purpose is deeply ingrained in every aspect, not just mentioned in mission statements.
  • Align Individual and Organizational Goals: Take steps to ensure that individual employee goals and the organizational goals are aligned.
  • Redefine Strategy Around Purpose: Make purpose the guiding principle in strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Enhance Psychological Safety: Use the alignment of purpose to build a more psychologically safe workplace.
  • Foster Collaboration: Encourage a collaborative culture by making sure everyone understands how their role feeds into the larger purpose.
  • Prioritize Resilience: Build resilience training and encouragement into organizational development, emphasizing how it aligns with the overarching purpose.
  • Seek Aligned Partnerships: Look for collaborations and partnerships with other organizations that share a similar purpose.

Make sure you are not climbing the wrong mountain.