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Measure what matters to optimise the flow of potential value. Do what matters or else you are doing fuck all.

Blockchain will provide free access to a crazy amount of valuable data, providing a massive opportunity to automate complex decision routes through standardised smart contract protocols.


What gets measured gets improved.

Control Systems

What gets measure gets improved.

Triggers indicate decisions, decisions have process workflows.

MetricResultTriggerDecision Workflow
CACFailure< $200Channel Review
Future BookingsFailure< 40%Paid Advertising
Booking SaturationSuccess> 80%Bonus Scheme


Observe, Orient Decide, Act.


Close the control loop to create virtuous cycles.

First you need the discipline to document every important process. Then the discipline to consistently follow those processes. Then the discipline to continously focus on improving the documentation of your processes. Then you can focus on the discipline of automating flow control of these processes, freeing up time and mental energy to work on bigger problems/opportunities.


Identify corrective action performance benchmarks and map to standard operating procedures.

  • List key processes
  • List scheduled jobs
  • List triggered jobs
  • Map processes to jobs
Take control of the thought loop

When you have a group of people that have well practiced OODA Loops for the right problems, then you have an elite team that can thrive in chaos.

If you invest heavily in a few smart people, you have a very small learning surface exposed: there is only so much even very bright people can learn at one time. Whereas when the entire team meets a certain standard for competence, there is a very large learning surface exposed and the team is able to absorb more information


Trigger decisions before loss causing situations arise.

  • Set decision triggers
  • Link triggers to processes
  • Link processes to people
  • Dashboards must tell a story
  • Worst first

Take care of the downside and the upside will take care of itself.