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Money is a collective belief that a future story will play out as expected.

The psychology of money.

Money creation process.

Money is tokenised Time and Energy valued in narratives that connect platform, Process and People with opportunities to create future gains.


Money is the fiction that makes the world go round.

Valuation Techniques

Discounted Cash Flow is a tool that attempts to quantify perspectives on the future of plans for value creation.

What do humans truly value? Is it to feel valued?

Creating long-term value requires building conviction in long-term strategies.

Wealth Accumulation

What are all the different ways you can earn money?

  • Direct
  • Passive

Growth Strategies

  • Don't Lose
  • Compounding Investment

Invest in People that invests in Process that invests in people.

To be wealthy is to have the freedom to spend time with valued connections.