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What is the most important thing to focus on right now?

Good questions are timeless, solutions are temporary.

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What is the most important job to be done?

  1. Problems
  2. First Principles
  3. Mental Models
  4. Decision Making
  5. Leadership

If you are asking the wrong questions, being more productive just means you are heading off-course faster.


Your unconscious mind will turn over the last inputs it was given. Practice a ritual of evolving a question that provides deeper insight into the problem you are striving to resolve.

What is the most important question to sleep on?

  1. Ask the Question then no more work inputs.
  2. Do something to forget about the problem.
  3. Relax then sleep.

Daily startup routine.

  1. Wake and journal to access your subconscious mind
  2. Refine the problem statement question
  3. Analyse evolution from the first question to the most recent.


Use curiosity to feed your unconscious with a diverse array of ideas and concepts without stressing about comprehension.

Unhook your rational thought process and trust that your unconscious intelligence will find a way to fill the gaps and connect the dots.


Step outside your mind by going for a walk, taking a shower etc

Have a pad ready to loosely catch thoughts without trying to put any sense to them. You can do that at a time scheduled for deep work.


The greatest value is found in analysing the evolution of thought from the initial question until the last in reflecting growth in understanding.


Your ego is the Enemy! Ask stupid questions

When you start again with fresh eyes you might identify an important connection you previously missed.

  • Step out of yourself
  • Change contraints
  • Make an analogy
  • Look for patterns
  • Don't be lazy
  • Don't force it