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Gathering intelligence is not the same as having the wisdom and capability to do the right thing at right time.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom - Viktor Frankl


Optimise collective decision making to play positive sum games.

first principles of flow

Where to? What next? What if every decision you made was the optimum one?

  • Where would you be in your life now?
  • How would you convince others to follow you?
  • What would be the impact of greater alignment of collective intent?
  • How can we collectively understand and commit to complex decisions?
  • In the act of deciding to what extent do already create the future?
  • Why go to outer space before we understand inner space?

AI consciousness


What decisions lead to sustained optimal flow of fairly distributed value creation?

Solve problems from first principles to maximize opportunity for value creation while minimizing waste.

The optimal state of inner experience is one in which there is order in consciousness. This happens when psychic energy - attention - is invested in realistic goals, and when skills match the opportunities for action. The pursuit of a goal brings order in awareness because a person must concentrate attention on the task at hand and momentarily forget everything else. These periods of struggling to overcome obstacles are what people find to be the most enjoyable times of their lives. A person who has achieved control over psychic energy - attention - and has invested it in consciously chosen goals cannot help but grow into a more complex being. By stretching skills, by reaching toward higher challenges, such a person becomes an increasingly extraordinary individual. - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

the game


You can't make anything useful if you don't understand what true value is.

How can humans work with machines so we both can learn how to thrive sustainably?

Breakthrough ideas come from the subconscious. What habits can be engineered so that you can leverage your subconscious thought processes better?

Create rituals that help to align state of mind to best suit the job at hand.

First Principles

Use first principles to deliver products that share value

Endeavour to establish principles with science

Learn to Build
Learn to Sell

When you can do both, you will be unstoppable - Naval


Build connections based on shared values and purpose with complimentary talents. Organisations that focus on building stronger connections between people and their ideas to thrive.

Are we more than moist robots?

If you are going to build better connections with other people you need to understand what drives them. To create valued products you need to understand what triggers the impulse to reach for solutions.

If you team up with great people, any job will ultimately be rewarding even if the scoreboard records a loss. Win the long game by connecting, inspiring and collaborating with others to build a greater surface for opportunities among 10x contributors!

Good people need to solve tough problems and remain optimistic, enjoyable company even the going gets tough.

Luck is a skill:, the greatest teams are capable of making their own luck.


Engineer systems that make the most of time and productive energy.

Create rituals to evolve stories to the right people at the right time to align purpose and belief.

First we make our habits then our habits make us.


Technology based cultural change.

Tools that organisation can use to optimise processes for creating value and technology that engineers can use to build new tools that organisations can use to create value.

Direct Value Creation: Tools that can be leveraged to create value.

Indirect Value Creation Tools that be used to build new tools that can be leveraged to create value.


Web 3.0 tech stack provides a permissionless platform that enables engineers to automate the world.

Orchestration of Container Ships

Can engineers develop systems that have soul? DAOs