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Finding Flow in chaos is the Ultimate Goal

  1. Critical path decisions
  2. Decision process
  3. Predicting value
  4. Accountability

Tell the right stories to the right people at the right time so all stakeholders understand their purpose and belive in the values of the current mission.


Learn to Build
Learn to Sell

If you can do both, you will be unstoppable - Naval

Understand enough of the first principles to recognise the processes, tools and people that will lead you on the path to delivering quality results.

Marketing is primarily about creating processes to educate an audience, sales is about having empathy. Engineers need to learn that understanding problems are essential for more than requirements capture, but more importantly as capturing psychological triggers that can be used to prove in stories that you understand the customer's pain why your solution will make their lives better.

Data Driven Value Creation

Web3 will automate complex decision making. Those that can't contribute with quantifiable benefits with their actions or decisions will become redundent.

What Next?

What is most valuable investment of your time and energy?

Making the best possible decisions along the path to optimise the flow of value creation.

Collecting great people to collaborate with along the path.


What is common to being human?


The flow of ideas to consequences of actions.



Web3 tech is changing the game across each sector and business process.


There is already a massive shortage of engineers and demand of web3 to learn new tech will onlyl make this worse.

Yet soon there will be a surplus of middle managers that shuffled papers, how need to be able to teach people of all ages how to leverage the latest technology how to create innovative solutions.

Establish the Roadmap to ship web3 apps as efficiently as Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc manage their evolution of products.

Orchestration of Container Ships


Tools that organisation can use to optimise processes for creating value and technology that engineers can use to build new tools that organisations can use to create value.

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Intuitiveness
  • Utility

Direct Value Creation

Tools that can be leveraged to create value.

Indirect Value Creation

Tools that be used to build new tools that can be leveraged to create value.


Things to build and thoughts on process and tools for their project management into reality.