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When intelligence is everywhere, culture means everything to building bonds for collaborative co-ordination. Construct a clear picture of success then walk backwards to see the path to get there the fastest with least waste.

first principles of flow

Closing the loop means everything is rapidly evolving, all the time, all at once.

Align Intentions

We need leaders that can align our intentions to dream-up a better reality.

  • Where do good ideas come from?
  • How do you recognise them?
  • How do you value them?
  • How do you act upon them?
  • How do you gain commitment to them?

Dream Driven Value vs Discounted Cash Flow

Archictect spaces that orchestrate creative collisions

Explore the matrices of your mind to grow.


Humanity has hard problems to solve and it is getting more complicated to trust the truth.

Hard decisions need to be backed by trust.

  • Hard decisions require sacrifice.
  • No clarity of how to judge priorities.
  • Lack decision logic for campaign promises.
  • No one actually believe promises fueling apathy.
  • Politicians rewarded for muck raking over collaboration.
  • Media incentivised to divide rather than educate voters.

The greatest innovation will be how we perceive reality


Where do humans add value in a world where AI and Blockchain close the loop?

Money is a story of shared belief. Games tell the most immersive stories. In an AI world, your culture is your moat. Games hold the key to human development and value exchange.

  • Culture shapes narratives and art shapes culture
  • Game development pushes technology to the extremes
  • Great games build connections on customised playing fields

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life - Oscar Wilde

We are a manifestation of our thought processes. Evolve routines to practice living in a better future to experience the things that cannot yet be observed


What are most important vectors of innovation for shaping a sustainable future?

Zero Knowledge ProofsProof of Identity and Privacy, Scalable Data Availability
AI AgentsBusiness Functions
DecentralizationUnstoppable, Permissionless, Boundaryless Innovation
Rollups as a ServiceChains engineered to match Business Models
Tokenization & CCIPReal World Assets, Value Exchange, Banking
StablecoinsMoney, Value Exchange
Account Abstraction & ERC-6551Security, Gaming, Asset Management

The company could leverage new tech, and hasn't bought it, is already paying for it. - Charlie Munger

First Principles

What mental models will shape evolution with Blockchain and AI?

Walk the pipe to understand the intended flow of value by recording inputs, actions and outputs. Step back to interpret the big picture and identify opportunities to make meaningful improvement.

Use experiments with reasoning from first principles to engineer systems that flow.


A problem well stated is half solved.

What are the greatest problems facing humanity?

  • Embrace the pain
  • Know your enemy
  • What sucks?
  • Why does it suck?

Technology shapes us more than we shape it.

There are certain types of technology that much more reliably make the world better than other types. The world over-indexes on some directions of tech development, and under-indexes on others. We need active human intention to choose the directions that we want, as the formula of "maximize profit" will not arrive at them automatically - Techno Optimism, Vitalik


How will AI and Blockchain impact the creation and exchange of valuable products and services?

Collect job to be done stories to optimise demand driven sales.


To deliver value you need to define what value is

Superapps will automate routing value through an internet of Smart Contracts.


Convert unstructured work into standardized protocols that can be automated.

  • Starting State
  • Actions?
  • Priorities?
  • Resources?
  • Decisions?
  • Desired State

Make things flow smoothly.


Leverage the latest technology to create a platform for creating and distributing value.

  • Technology
  • Materials
  • Property
  • Capital

The company that could leverage latest tech, and hasn't bought it, is already paying for it.

What opportunities exist when business are joined by digital mycelium


To help people you need to understand how humans tick.

What range of capabilities to humans most need to maximise opportunities working with AI agents? What is the optimum team size?


Many people face an identity crisis adapting to an Onchain AI driven world.

The journeys we take shape our character, connections and expertise, what journeys do we need to take to create a better future?

Your culture is your moat


Use analysis of SoP across the organisation to evaluate strategic initiatives.

  1. Process: Have the operations been captured in a process map? checked against reality? modeled for improvement?
  2. People: Is map linked to a roles with job descriptions of required skills and expected KPIs? Do you have people with required skills?
  3. Platform: Are you using tech/AI to gain leverage? What are the best proceess? Is there a benefit to using blockchain, decentralised operations?
  4. Automation: Key objectives for this process? What are KPIs to measure success of objectives? What range of targets to indicate success or failure?


Decentralized vectors of unstoppable innovation.

Standardisation of protocols pushes global evolution forward


Win the collisions and the score will take care of itself.


Scoreboard for primary business functions.

Customer SuccessRRRR
Product ManagementRRRR


Scoreboard for running supporting business functions.

Human ResourcesRRRR
Data IntegrityRRRR
Tech Support/OperationsRRRR


Scoreboard for running management business functions.

Continuous ImprovementRRRR
Project ManagementRRRR


Scoreboard for running strategic business functions.

Decision SupportRRRR
Capital ManagementRRRR


Which industries will be most impacted by web3 and AI?



Primitives, Event Loops, Pipes and Protocols.

We need a new visual language to pipe together opportunties that blockchain and AI provide.


You can't pump fluids through lego bricks, you need pipes and instruments for that.

Lego is a weak analogy for building systems that deal with flow. You can use lego bricks to house the plant, but the intelligence for creating value has to be coded into the protocols that control the flow through connected pipes and instruments that transform inputs into more desirable outputs.

Observe patterns, to pipe primitives into best practice protocols that provide better solutions.

  • Observe behavior patterns: Engineers must be able to observe and analyze the world around them in order to identify problems and opportunities.
  • Combine primitives provided by technology: Engineers use the tools and technologies available to them to design and build solutions to the problems they have identified.
  • Engineer best practice protocols: Engineers must be able to apply their knowledge and experience to develop solutions that are efficient, effective, and reliable.
  • Provide better solutions: The ultimate goal of engineering is to provide solutions that improve the lives of people.

Knowing the right thing to do and the capability to take the right action are two different things. Engineer simplicity and discipline into protocols so that users fall into a pit of success.

It's not what you know, but knowing the most important question to ask that matters most.

Engineers must constantly observe and measure the performance of solutions to identify areas for improvement. Faster virtuous feedback loops accelerate progress.


Choose a stack to optimise the ability to implement ideas without friction and recruit others to your team to scale your capacity to distribute value.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo Da Vinci


Web3 is a secure internet of interconnected Smart Contracts where competing blockchains provide an open platform for protocol innovation, the performance vs cost of a given blockchain is a reflection of the trade-off decisions and best practice protocols that have gone into engineering it.

Contract Standards

What are the most important protocol standards to understand?


Leveraging a NX monorepo with Vercel and Github to host multiple apps with maximum code reuse to iterate and scale Web3/AI business experiments by composing solutions from components taken from Tailwind UI, Shadcn UI and Scaffold-Eth.


Most of Web3 development effort is conventional web development


  • Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Web App
  • Mobile App


  • AI PDF Chat
  • Payment
  • Time Booking
  • Email
  • Blog
  • Subscription
  • Ecommerce


  • AI Agents
  • Web3 Contracts
  • Headless CMS
  • Supabase
  • Planetscale
  • Stripe
  • Shopify


  • Typescript
  • Nextjs
  • Tailindcss & TailwindUI
  • Shadcn & Radix
  • Motion Animation
  • Drizzle / Prisma / Convex
  • Postgres / MySQL
  • Stripe / Shopify / Crypto?
  • Storybook



Time and energy are your most valuable resources. How can you make the most of both?

Picture the dream then work back, build a value system and project out.

Learn to build and learn to sell.
Sell what you build and build what you sell.
People into dreams not products.
Engineering enables building at scale.

Engineer systems that connect people to their dreams to create solutions that sell themselves.


Train yourself to see more opportunities by asking better questions

Invest in rituals to finish the day by feeding your appetite for tomorrow.


Use experiments to improve technology and protocols that ship greater value faster.

  • Triage: Stop losses first.
  • Break Problems Down: Identity the true nature of the problem.
  • Gather Fresh Perspectives: Take an outsiders view.
  • Update Convictions: Strong opinions loosely held.
  • Imagine: Fill in gaps and connect dots.
  • Balance Risk: Pick the right time for consolidation vs expansion.
  • Commit to Decisions: Judge decisions on process not outcomes.
  • Grow a Team: Expand surface area for valuable insights and actions.

Embrace happy accidents.