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Meta Learning

Use projects to expand knowledge frontiers then contract to fine tune standard procedures.

Sharpen the saw. Schedule time to focus on improving meta learning as this is the most valuable skill of all because it can save the most time.

What scientific concepts would improve everybodys cognitive toolkit?


Civilisation is in a race between education and catastrophe - HG Wells



The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat. - Napoleon Hill

Known Unknowns​

Use matrices to create framework to slot knowledge and ideas into. Using the dimensions of a subject to qualify the how much there is to know and how well you know it.


The meta of the matter is where the value lies.

Schedule Process ImprovementSharpen the Saw
Working MemoryHave an overload strategy
ReadingEssential Skill
ListeningReflective Listening
Pattern RecognitionEssential Skill
How Search for AnswersEssential Skill
Learning Software DevelopmentMethod
TeachYou know it when you can teach it

High Level Method​

If watching or listening content, play at twice speed on the first pass.

  1. Listen for concepts you don't understand
  2. Capture concepts at random locations on paper
  3. Record time concept mentioned (so you can skip to that point on subsequent passes)
  4. Make notes on relationships between concepts

Recreate drawing in Figma using standard components.

  1. Convert notes into components
  2. Connect the dots with comments on relationships
  3. Copy components to create different diagrams

Add page for the subject

  • Link page to diagram
  • Link to related concepts that add context

Define the most important question to wrap up a session learning about a subject

  • What demands deeper analysis?
  • What experiment?

Time Blocking​

Create routines that won't burn you out.

Sleep bolsters how our brains remember something. Deep sleep (non-rapid-eye-movement sleep) can strengthen memories if the sleep occurs within 12 hours of learning the new information.


Over doing it by getting too tired, lessens retention and makes you unproductive and unhappy

Brain Fade​

Learn at an optimal rate by using the Pomodoro Technique to schedule breaks that relieve brain fatigue


Exercise also helps to keep the brain fresh as well as maintaining health

Drink Water​

Water keeps the body functioning optimally. Drinking water helps with cognitive performance. Dehydration, can seriously affects mental function forcing the brain to work harder.


Students that drank water during an examination performed better than those that did not

Note Taking Strategy​

Have a goal or set a question to answer. Start with Pen and Paper. Taking notes by hand promotes reframing the content which assists comprehension and retention.


The better your notes are, the faster you'll learn.

TODO: review the Cornell Method on how to organise notes into easily digestible summaries.

Build a Semantic Tree focusing first on understanding the trunk and big branches of knowledge so you have something for the leaves/details to hang on.

For example; first read and understand the chapter outlines of book before reading in chapter in depth. Then repeat the process for each chapter.

Articles on how the best way to formulate knowledge from the creator of Spaced Repeition Algorithm.


Pattern recognition and the Meta of the Matter: The more you look at various systems the more you see similar patterns, it is just the names of things that differ.

The more you can relate new concepts to ideas that you already understand, the faster you learn by adding layers of meaning in the new material. This will help you understand the fundamentals better, and recall the information more accurately.


When you connect new ideas with old, you give yourself mental “hooks” on which to hang the new knowledge

Linking Thinking​

Create space for new information then connect the dots using ANKI to schedule efficient reminders to revist content for retention. On each ANKI flashcard link back to the appropriate page here that covers the concept and a link to a diagramatic exploration of the concept.

Use structure and links to help form neural tracks through the docs to make conceptual leaps.


Knowledge is knowing how to build a nuclear bomb, wisdom is deciding if that is a good idea.


Link your thinking

  1. Create page for content where it makes sense
  2. Copy an appropriate template page
  3. Transfer paper notes to digital digrams, link back and forth
  4. Link to related pages and helpful resources
  5. Extract heuristics and make them memorable
  6. Create ANKI flashcards refering back to page here

Mnemonics that summarize and compress information to make it easier to learn.

Frequently review neuroscience advancements to pick up new ideas on best practices.

Memory Tools​

Create Success Traps​

Subscribe to educators to train the algorithms to help save you from yourself.

Reading with comprehension is the fastest way to learn once the skill is developed.

  • Subscribe to YouTube channels
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  • Tik Tok
  • Listen to podcasts


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