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Smart people want to work on hard problems.

Every good investor ultimately makes the decisions based on belief in the team that is driving innovation forward.

Great teams know they can trust each others instincts to coordinate taking the best action to optimse results in their collective loop of consciousness.

  • Common Values
  • Complimentary Talents
  • Shared Vision
  • Unique Language
  • United in Purpose


People that feel connected are more capable of collaborating and coordinating to enact the best possible decisions as quickly as possible create dynasties and leave legacies.

To resonate with others, we need to connect when it matters. This nurtures both us and others, and also earns trust. Just as in cooking, timing is everything

Focus on what reasonates between you and the people aim to help.


Balance Mindsets

Great teams balance prioritisation of exploring new opportunties versus adding quality to the delivery of existing ideas.


Build systems to optimise collaborative coordination to add real wisdom on top of Artificial Intelligence


Great teams develop their own language to shut down threats and maximise opportunities creating their own luck through focused intention and attention.

All teams need coaches that disrupt break bad habits and enchance talents.

Invest in building belief systems so that good decisions/actions can come from anywhere.

Engineer Collisions

Create teams within teams to compete against each other in fun centred competition to improve comradery and sharing of knowledge and ideas across traditional boundaries.

In the decentralised distributed era, how can we engineer collision paths to improve teamwork index and deeper, more concise levels of communication?


You can't expect quality results from people that don't feel connected to a purpose for doing a job.

Track and drive improvement of who is capable of what?

A manager must understand how to motivate people

  • Offer an approach
  • Request a different approach
  • Listen without ego
  • Agree a plan/experiement with controls
  • Back the person up


Always need to publishing content to attract talent and refining recruitment process even when not in the market.

  • Character wins over talent
  • Always be recruiting
  • Only hire when you absolutley need to
  • Recruit people that have a growth mindset
  • Use contractors to learn


Use contractors to produce quality outcomes faster and more cost effectively. Learning as much as you can from their process so you can take more work on internally for subequent work.

Recruiting contracted talent:

  1. Clarity of instruction of desired outcomes
  2. Preparation: have things ready so they can be done quickly
  3. Get the to document their process in the agreement terms.


Professionals have a growth mindset, contributing extra to lead continuous improvement of the entire team.

Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force - Think and Grow Rich

Professional work ethic:

  1. Leave the job in a better place than when you started
  2. Document changes, explaining thought process for change
  3. Make sure someone else can follow new process without help

Layer Zero

People are the layer zero of technology.

Understand the fundamentals of human nature to co-ordinate action across collaborative communities.

Better People make better decisions, Better decisions run better businesses; Fairer trade makes for a better world.

Onboarding and Scalability

If you invest heavily in a few smart people, you have a very small learning surface exposed: there is only so much even very bright people can learn at one time. Whereas when the entire team meets a certain standard for competence, there is a very large learning surface exposed and the team is able to absorb more information


Attempting to throw people at the problem before mapping processes and engineering a solid tech platform leads to inefficient firefighting and discontent.

Great teams focus on the discipline of improving systems that share wisdom. You might lose some battles but in the long run as true wealth is measured in the number of strong interpersonal connections.

Play long term games with long term people.