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People are the layer zero of technology.

Understand the fundamentals of human nature to co-ordinate action across collaborative communities.

Better People make better decisions, Better decisions run better businesses; Fairer trade makes for a better world.

Onboarding and Scalability

If you invest heavily in a few smart people, you have a very small learning surface exposed: there is only so much even very bright people can learn at one time. Whereas when the entire team meets a certain standard for competence, there is a very large learning surface exposed and the team is able to absorb more information


Attempting to throw people at the problem before mapping processes and engineering a solid tech platform leads to inefficient firefighting and discontent.

Great teams focus on the discipline of improving systems that share wisdom. You might lose some battles but in the long run as true wealth is measured in the number of strong interpersonal connections.

Play long term games with long term people.


To resonate with others, we need to connect when it matters. This nurtures both us and others, and also earns trust. Just as in cooking, timing is everything

Focus on what reasonates between you and the people aim to help.

Core Skills: