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Place yourself in another persons shoes, recognise their biases and help them see better options.

Need to first understand the fundamentals of how to teach

Teachers provide knowledge, Coaches help you use that knowledge to best effect.

A teacher is typically dealing with a blank slate. A coach is re-sculpting something that has already exists.

Teaching is more of a straight line, step-by-step approach comprised mostly of one-way communication, with the goal of presenting brand new, never-before-learned information.

  • Introduces new ideas
  • Students have little prior knowledge
  • Challenge your understanding

Approach to coaching:

  1. Team owns the challenge
  2. Develop strengths
  3. Ask questions
  4. Intensify the environment

Coaching is a multi-dimensional, cyclical activity that aims to provide clarity on when and why to use that knowledge and prepare skill in applying that knowledge.

A coach also imparts knowledge and introduces learnings, but also makes adjustments and provides feedback based on real-time information.

Those being coached generally have some underlying knowledge and an idea of how to go about the particular activity.

The coach helps players unlock that knowledge or use that knowledge in different ways.

ExpertiseTalking to subjects to establish a baseline understandingWorking with subjects to increase their abilities
AtmosphereMore formal; in school, by appointment. PlannedLess formal, wide-ranging. Reactionary and spontaneous
SubjectUsually no prior knowledge of what is being taughtUsually has foundational knowledge and skill
Primary ActivityDisseminating informationMolding and adjusting
StyleGeneral, by the bookHands-on; personalized
AdvancementTriggered by time or other benchmarksBased on real-time proficiency
TestingRecall of facts. Formal levelling up processReal-world applications

Business Managers like Coaches must have the ability to extract the best from those they are managing. This does not mean they have superior specialist knowledge of the domain problem.

Business Coach

Help a person make better decisions by helping to create clarity of thought.

To be successful at that they need to talent to walk in another person's shoes and to be able to see the big picture.

The coach helps a group of individuals to believe a shared story of common good so that the collective imaginations and deeds are focused on common goals.