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Access to raw materials, physical space for manufacturing and money.

Your Platform is the real Product. Tesla cars and iPhones are by-products their platforms.

Principles of creating value.


We live in a time of infinite leverage

Hyperstructures allow shared ownership of a universal platform for creating and distributing value.


What fields of innovation do organisations need master to be able to thrive?

Major Brands are using web3 to leverage greater connectivity with customers at a lower cost.


Stand on the shoulders of giants to pipe together best technology to gain a competitive edge by automating processes and freeing your team to pursue more imaginative value creating ideas.

  1. use borrowed capital for (an investment), expecting the profits made to be greater than the interest payable.
  2. use (something) to maximum advantage.

The foundations that enable the game to be played by people that have the skills to run processes using best of breed tools.

Automate as much as possible! Create checklist to review software wit the aim to reduce cognitive load by intrinsically implementing processes and helps to guide people how to follow best practices.

It is inevitable directors of traditional businesses will employ software to do a job before recruiting.

Why the metaverse matters to business?



  • Fulfillment
  • Gaming
  • Sport
  • Fashion
  • Art, Music
  • Food, Hospitality
  • Travel


  • Education
  • Health
  • Media
  • Housing


  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Medical & Health


  • Banking
  • Venture Capital