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The most valuable organisations focus on solving the most valuable problems.

Routinely identify the Most Valuable Problem to tackle that will lead a critical mass of Process, Platform and People the wider the surface area for optimal flow for sustainable growth.

Problem Categories


Incumbent systems for governance and education are struggling to maintain relevance with the rate of technological innovation and it's impact on culture.

  • System One Biases
  • Cognitive Load
  • Complexity
  • Rate of Change
  • Short Terminism
  • Abstraction
  • Lack of Empathy

Honesty and Courage

Identify the Problem. Define the Problem. The worst problems are those you don't know about.

Schedule time and create rituals for honesty sessions that help get into the right head space to own problems objectively without taking them personally.


Better an open wound than silent cancer

Cultivate a culture of integrity and honesty to address the pain and not shoot the messenger that points out that systems are not working.


Be your own worst enemy, that way you can't be surprised

The difficulty is that bad news is taken as pessimism, but conversely pessimism has widely become falsely misinterpreted as intelligence. So need to create a dedicated ritual in time and space where everyone must speak their truth on the problems they see and why they are occuring.

Leaders need to show the way by being brutally honest with indentifying their own failures in critical reflection.


Choose to be optimistic