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Rite of Passage

What challenges do humans need to solve to live a fulfilling life?

Problem solving is not the biggest problem. Identifying the the right problem to solve is hardest of all.

Why are you here?

  • What are your talents best suited for?
  • How can you improve those talents?
  • Who can use your talents?
  • How can you help them?

Decision Fatigue

Making the right decisions in the moment when it matters most.

Success is dependent on our ability to continuously make good decisions. How to approach decision making with imperfect information is the most important skill to acquire in life.

Ever-increasing number of decisions to be made, with many more complex than we can accurately reason about.

Web3 Adaption

With reputation preceding us and fluid work environments, we are all brands now.

Need to identify and connect with your tribes to even out riding through life's uncertainties.


We can't compete with machines if we teach them to play status games.


In the game of life, what are the common big decisions most need to make on their personal heroes journey?

What are the best heuristics for each of the following?

  • Learning
  • Friends
  • Language
  • Sport
  • Music/Arts
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Partner
  • Sex
  • Vote
  • Travel
  • Study
  • Career
  • Where to live
  • Home Buying
  • Children
  • Business
  • Hire
  • Fire
  • Quit
  • Retire