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Continuously engineer better systems that enable better decision making.

The end goal is a set of Standard Operating Procedures to serve as reference guides to ensure that staff can work independently on tasks, and know what they are doing at each step to deliver expected outcomes.

Continous Improvement

Planning continuous improvement

  1. Identify the biggest problem process you can do something about
  2. Clarify failure and success outcomes
  3. Document the process of how the job is currently being done
  4. Create process to gather data to measure desired outcomes vs results
first principles of flow

Exploration is pointless if don't map your journey

Process Mapping

Every process needs a map that explains how you currently operate.


A process is only as good as it is consistently followed

Pen and paper is the easiest and yet effective way to start.

Eliminate Waste

When you have your processes mapped turn attention to eliminating waste.

  • Where are customers wasting value? What cause?
  • Where are operations wasting value? What cause?

How Pigs help the world turn

Process Modeling

You can't aim for perfection in one hit. Aim to make step improvements that provide a significant improvement in value creation. Then repeat the review - design - execute process.

You can't improve

  1. what you have not documented
  2. what you are not measuring

Review Questions

  • What processes are broken?
  • What steps in the process are creating problems?
  • What steps require the most time to complete?
  • What steps cause the most delays?
  • Do specific steps utilize the most resource or result in the highest cost?
  • Do specific steps result in quality issues


Make better decisions by choosing the right process through software automation or in humans by continuous routine practice to engrain the right response and override biases.

  1. Improve Quality
  2. Reduce Cost
  3. Maximise Opportunities
  4. Improve Flow

Fail Loud Fail Fast

  • Signal failure immediately
  • Make failure obvious
  • Build warnings into algorithms