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Continuously engineer better systems that enable better decision making.

Processes that are not documented and owned, will cause bottlenecks that stifle growth, and at worst, force a company to close.

Automate Response

Make better decisions by choosing the right process through software automation or in humans by continuous routine practice to engrain the right response and override biases.

So you can play heads up rugby. See the whole game not stuck in an inner loop.

  1. Improve Quality
  2. Reduce Cost
  3. Maximise Opportunities
  4. Create Harmony
Co-workers have confidence and trust in each other
Open communication between employees and managers
Managers share vision and information with employees
Respond to changes in markets quickly
Efficient communication channels for transferring information
Clarity of people responsible for processes
Transparancy and support for process changes


If you write down how things are to be done and agree upon it in advance, you save misunderstandings in the future.

You need to keep a decision register, those that are pending and those that have been made.


Stages of continuous improvement

  1. Identify the single biggest problem (process) you can do something about
  2. Be 100% clear about failure and successful outcomes
  3. Document the process of how the job is currently being done
  4. Create process to gather data to measure desired outcomes vs results

Process Mapping

Everything you do needs to have a process map that explains how you currently operate.

Process Improvements

You can't aim for perfection in one hit. Aim to make step improvements that provide a significant improvement in value creation. Then repeat the review - design - execute process.

You can't improve

  1. what you have not documented
  2. what you are not measuring

Review Questions

  • What processes are broken?
  • What steps in the process are creating problems?
  • What steps require the most time to complete?
  • What steps cause the most delays?
  • Do specific steps utilize the most resource or result in the highest cost?
  • Do specific steps result in quality issues

Process Optimisation

Most advanced, think differently.

  • What would happen in a perfect world?
  • What is a constraint could be removed? then what?

Eliminate Waste

How Pigs help the world turn

  • Where are customers wasting value? What cause?
  • Where are operations wasting value? What cause?

A process is only as good as it is consistently followed


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