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Process Mapping

Process Models extend Process Maps. Digital enhanced versions that improve automation and productivity.


Best practices for creating Process Models

  • BPMN
  • UML


See the big picture and the little pictures at the same time.

Investment in BPM software if you want process mapping efforts to have optimal impact on performance.

With No-code software process automation is much easier to implement and have dramatic effect.

Non financial benefit:

Open honest collaboration between

  • everyone on the team
  • everyone in the team and every community


Focus on simpliciy

People will not consistently follow complext processes and will be very hard to successfully onboard new people, limiting ability to scale.


Linking process maps to strategic goals gives them purpose and direction help all stakeholders to see the value of following the process as directed.

Link goals with process maps to improve:

  • Communication
  • Motivation


Team collaboration is essential to identifying how to improve process flow and encourage adoption.

  • constraints
  • opportunities


Must have a process and routine for continuous improvement so process maps never go stale. Constant focus take process maps from doucumentation into dynamic assets that actively contribute to growing an organisation at optimally rate and efficiency.