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Projects Playbook

Build a great team focused on evolving processes and you'll still win even when you lose.

The game of expanding or optimising an operating platform for delivering value. Projects are bets that taking certain actions will result in a forecast realisation of expected value creation. Where some projects are more experimental with higher risk of uncertainty than others.


Project Types

Web3 Business Development

Advance blockchain adoption into the real world for purpose of doing social good while providing fair pay for services.

What would it take to run a business that sells physical goods completely onchain across the entire ecosystem?

What blockchains are most appropriate for different aspects of running the business?


What is the best way to leverage the possibilies of the automated organisation of people and capital through DAOs?

Form a treasury DAO to raise and manage capital.

DeFi to maximise leverage but more importantly allocate capital to projects that grow value using governance mechanisms to vote on which decisions will produce the greatest value based on the founding principles of the DAO.

Sub-DAOs can form to bid for capital and run operations of their niche speciality to deliver their expertise.

Payment to contributors can be mix of Capital in underlying Enterprise and Crypto.


Users of tools (science) and builders of tools (science).