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Embrace Chaos

To keep up with the rate of innovation due to Blockchain and Decentralised work processes, teams will need to learn how to thrive in chaos.

How to handle change?

  1. We don't need change - Naive Optimist
  2. What changes - Ignorance
  3. Backlog + Change Management - Futile attempt to control change
  4. Accomodate the inevitable - Architecture and Processes

Testing Predictability

How will component parts react under pressure?

You can test and measure performance in isolation, but the only true measure of performance is how the orchestrate together in real world pressure of the game.

With microservices as with players you need to monitor performance closely then make judgements on replacements with the intent to improve results.

Embrace Uncertainty

Fuzzy vs Traditional Problems

Write Code that is easy to change

Fred George Presentations


Chaos Development: Removing software as the inhibitor of Agile - Fred George