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Web3 app ideas

Developer Flow

Most effort is just modern app development.

The complexity and expertise required to validate Smart Contract logic cannot be exploited to drain reserves.

  • Connect to the contract using Ethers.js
  • Confirm Owner's Wallet Address
  • User ethers + ABI.json from compiled solidity

Copy contract address to .env setting


Common Features

Contract RoleFunctionOnchain
OwnerConfirm Owner's Wallet AddressT
OwnerOpen or Close a SaleT
UserFetch Mint InfoT
UserMint a NFTT
UserScan a Wallet's QR CodeT
UserConfirm a Wallet Owns an NFTT
UserUpload Static Assets to IPFSF
UserUpdate NFT's Image and MetadataT
UserDisplay a User's NFTs using OpenSea APIF


Crypto On-ramp