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Job To Be Done Stories

When you can retell someone else's story, better than they tell it themselves, you can then dissect to establish where the value is.

Great engineers care about solving problems more than the tech they use to do so. That means following people as they do their job with the aim of capturing:

  1. What people want to do, and why
  2. What they are actually doing and why
  3. What do they see as the underlying problems
  4. What they would do differently
  5. What they upsides of solution
  6. How would they quantify that


Great Engineers can easily be Great Marketers. Understanding customer requirements is when they tell you their problems, just need to be better at soft skills to pick the emotional triggers.

Marketers use the same questions to gain empathy by addressing customers in the language of their struggle.

When listening to product users make a note of psychological triggers that can be used in marketing and sales to prove that you understand the customer's pain why your solution will make their lives better.

Learn how to tell a customer's pain to pleasure story better than they can.

Establish why people do what the do rather than recording what they say they would do.

Story Template

Develop an interview framework with meta tags for building valuable stories.

Example Products

Shaping Tailwind