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All that we are is a consequence of collective decision making. Maps provide clarity of the big picture and are the most efficient way to educate others how to navigate the terrain to catch up to the conceptual frontier most effectively by avoiding replicating earlier mistakes.

10x Contributors

Master creators/engineers produce 10x the value. Successful organisations need to have strategies to attract and nuture Master Creators!


Master creators are team players, Better people are better developers

The value of a 10x contributor is largely an intangible asset.


Which project/direction should you commit to?

Project yourself into the future, what is your ideal day like? What does success look like?

  • What is this project to you?
    • side hustle
    • new business division
    • extra revenue stream
    • passion project
  • What are your core skills & competencies?
  • What skills are you lacking to make this happen?
  • What skills makes sense to learn to bridge that gap?
  • What kind of skills can you outsource easily?
  • What complimentary skills do you need from your team?