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Developer Roadmaps

What is the critical path to becoming a master developer? How is mastery recognised?

There is already a massive shortage of engineers and demand of web3 to learn new tech will only make this worse.

Yet soon there will be a surplus of middle managers that shuffled papers, how need to be able to teach people of all ages how to leverage the latest technology how to create innovative solutions.

Establish the Roadmap to ship web3 apps as efficiently as Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc manage their evolution of products.

In the near future a Master developer will also need to be capable of understanding how architect decentralised solutions and how to leverage web3 solutions.

Roles from Fred George
JS (Junior Developer)
SD (Systems Developer)
BD (Business Developer)
W3 (Blockchain Developer)
MD (Master Developer)

Fullstack developer

Develop wisdom to pair solution architect with cloud platforms that are cost effective to scale.

  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Data Management
  • Cloud Dev Ops

Web3 developer

Develop wisdom of what needs to be decentralised and where innovation can be used to lock in value.

  • Web3 Frontend
  • Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain and Bridges

Fundamental Skills

First need to have good human skills. The best engineers are those that have a Growth Mindset. When you are in the thick of solving a problem do extra to make the job easier for the next person, even that next person is you.

A 10x engineer knows what it means to be a good ancestor, the commit extra energy to building systems and communication protocols that wil enable scale beyond their personal limits and enable the next generation of engineers to solve more complex problems.


An engineer that just does what it takes to make something work then finishes with no thought to improve the situation for the next person is not a team player and of little value in the long run, no matter how personally talented they are.

Finding Help-
Analysing Code-
Code Review-

Fundamental Principles

Finding Help--
Analysing Code--
Code Review--


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