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Automating My YouTube Uploads Using Node.js

Keyboard Shortcuts

Spacebar or KPause/Play the video
MMute/Unmute the video

Skip 5 seconds forward/back in a video: Left/Right arrows

Skip 10 seconds back in a video: j

Skip 10 seconds forward in a video: J

Skip to the next frame when the video is paused: Comma ","

Skip to the previous frame when the video is paused: Period "."

Speed up/slow down video playback: < or >

Skip to the first or last seconds of a video: Home or End key on the seekbar

Increase/Decrease video volume by 5%: Up/Down arrows

Skip to a different point in the video: 0-9 on the seekbar Note: The number you press correlates to the percentage of the video that the playbar will skip to. For example, 0 will return you to the beginning of the video, and 5 will take you to the halfway point, or 50%. This will only work with the numbers on the seekbar, not the ones on the numeric keypad.

Click in search bar: forward slash "/" Take the video in and out of full screen mode: F Turn closed captions on and off, if available: C While watching a playlist, return to the previous video on the list: Shift-P While watching a playlist, skip to the next video on the list: Shift-N Note: If you're not watching a playlist, it will skip to YouTube's next recommended video.

Open a YouTube mini-player in the bottom right corner of the screen: i Note: The video will play while you continue to browse YouTube.


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