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The Game

Play long term games with long term people.

Win the collisions and you win the game

First recognise the type of Game you are playing and the type of problem you are solving. To win the game in the long run you need to balance:

  • Problems vs Solutions
  • People vs Projects
  • Questions vs Answers
  • Systems vs Goals
  • Discipline vs Motivation
  • Trust vs Distrust
  • Principles vs Tactics
  • Writing vs Reading
  • Vulnerability vs Confidence
  • North Stars vs Low Hanging Fruit
  • Trends vs News
  • Standard Process vs Sprints


Most businesses are much alike with departments, roles and workflows just the nomenclature that changes from industry to industry, company to company.

In a small business these departments and roles are often one person. Small business owners need to learn how to change state by changing their hat.

These are the executive hats that a small business owner must learn to wear.

CEODecision making on vision and strategy
CQOProvides expert advice related to the quality of service
COOOperations, HR and workflow optimisation
CFOCapital allocation, Reinvestment, Accounting practices, Legal
CMOSales and marketing
CTOChief technology officer

Common department run by these executives are:

NumberDepartmentsOwnership RoleOwner Name
2Applied Statistics
3Human Resources
4Business Communication
5Business Ethics
6Business Law
7Strategic Management
8Business Strategy
10Managerial economics
14Supply-chain Management
15Operations Management

Each departments has several key business processes/workflows that need to be mastered with a clear owner responsible for documenting, following and then optimising that process.

ProcessOwner RoleOwner NameKPIDocumentedNeeds WorkLast Improved
Accounting Cycle
Employee Onboarding
Content Marketing
Service Mix
Packaged Deals

To master control of your business, master these workflows.

Start by choosing a department and one process to document, then follow the process to document the next process.

Master of Business Education

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The Personal MBA

There's nothing you can do that can't be done
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung
Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game