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Business Models

What checklist will lead to a Startup Strategy that explores opportunities the leverage the frontiers of Web3 innovation?

Silicon Valley Startups - NY Times

Chainlink Labs Startup

Hardest Problems

  • Finding and attracting talent
  • Upskilling resources
  • Launching


The aim is to provide insight into key business processes that define the product, evolve a viable business model for commercialisation and revenue generation.

The Team

ResponsibilityTeam (Names)
Product Fit Lead
Business Innovation Lead
Tech Lead
Business Admin (Data/risk/regulatory)
Systems Analysts/Information

Main goals for Innovation Team

  • Fast insights Discovery
  • Build things customers/market need (Test before build)
  • Have the right business model to sustain and grow. Product-market-fit
  • Use networks to speed up acquiring customers and revenue generation
  • Innovation and user experience embedded the entire time

Experts Focus Group

  • Name01 (Role @ Company)
  • Name02 (Role @ Company)
  • Name03 (Role @ Company)

Evolving a Business Model

High level plan:

  • Validate current assumptions
  • Evaluate business model
  • Identify market segments
  • Identify customer profiles
  • Model customer acquisition flow
  • Validate flow with trial customers

Broad Market Analysis

Market RealityDiscovery
Total addressable market
Consumer behavior
What does 1% market share look like

Opportunity by Sector/Industry

Sector / Industry ProfilingDiscovery
Market penetration needed to meet $?0m revenue target
Market scalability/replicability to other market segments or geographies
Establishing evaluation criteria
Assist in like-for-like comparison across industries & geographies
CategorySector OneSector Two
Future Forecast
Leading players?
Why they exist?
What direction?

Target Business Analysis

Evaluate businesses within agreed Market Opportunities

Do they have existing investment (time +/or $) in blockchain
Business problem that can be solved
How equipped are they to solve this problem
Is solving this opportunity beneficial to long term growth
Establishing evaluation criteria
Assist in like-for-like comparison across businesses
Identify scalable/replicable opportunities

Gather Expert Testimonials

Gather valuable stories from People that suffer the pain of problem, have the ability to recognise solution and have the energy to champion implementing a solution.

Expert BackgroundsDiscovery
Subject Matter Expert / Super User
Technologists, implementing existing solutions
Regulatory, Compliance officer etc
Senior researchers and publishers
Sales & marketing
Business directors

Defining the Product

Aim to understand the killer feature for each customer.

Establish what customers are paying for

  • why they are using the solution
  • why the solution exists
  • what features are invaluable
  • what features are missing

Network effect opportunities: by target revenue range and industry investigate needs to back unique selling points (regulatory, country specific, etc)

Companies for Indepth Research

Identify viable companies from initial research and digging deeper

Competitor/opportunity reviewLean canvas
Competitor/opportunity reviewrevenue models, market share, growth, brand
Are they partners, clients, suppliers or competitors
Competitive opportunities — Identify USP

Engagement Strategy

Engage with businesses that meet the business opportunities criteria

  • Identify core problem/opportunity and their level of commitment to blockchain's solution
  • Customers and businesses interviews
  • Evaluate commercial benefit to both customer business and this business
  • Scope out range of opportunties and capabilities the business needs

Model Business Benefits

  • Custom business modelling
  • Custom financial modelling

Identify any legal, regulatory requirements or considerations

  • Country and city specific
  • Non-legal but association/network considerations Is FantomPay responsible or client/partner?