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Customer Onboarding

How can you help customers fall into a pit of success?

The onboarding phase is when you have the opportunity to make a customer happy. You need to have A grade onboarding when you have their attention because it's much harder to get it back if you screw this part up. David Skok

With a complex product, onboarding and ETL processes can work together to simplify the users experience of gaining competence without conscious effort.

Phases on onboarding process:

  1. Discovery
  2. Preparation
  3. Learning
  4. Completion of goals

During the process extract trigger stories to feedback to marketing and sales.


Drive scalable and sustainable growth.

  • Customers with better processes generate fewer support issues
  • Growth by acquisition generates migration consultancy fees
  • Customers that scale operations are more profitable and provide strong social proof

Tactics: Provide a cash-flow forecasting tool for free to build trust and educate Create a salesforce of the professional network customers need to grow their business


Grow Relationships

Establislish a relationship and build trust by giving something useful away for free.

  1. Begin relationships by helping not selling
  2. Learn pain triggers and where to focus product improvement
  3. We don't waste time trying to make the wrong customer happy

Customise Experience by User Profile

  • Who what why and when
  • Pain trigger to pleasure goals
  • What outcomes to measure success
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