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Employee Onboarding

The most important process to scale any operation.


Better employees, grow better businesses.

Employee Growth

Leaders create leaders.

Use scaffolding and MKOs to help new hires fall into a pit of success, while using beginers mind to learn how to improve onboarding processes.

Grow with flow by sizing the next challenge appropriately then use interegotaive questions to review the learning experience to find ways for improvment on how to think about how to solve the problem. Enforce the culture to speak up and say if something does not make sense or seems wrong.

Grow with flow

Onboarding Experience

How do you optimise onboarding experience so that new hires can contribute quickly but the organisation can gain insights from their beginner's mind

Developer experience and metrics for effectiveness of onboarding.


See teaching and sociocultural factors.

Interegotative approach, try to see the world as the newcomer sees it. Sharing on reflections, how communication should work.

Flow, best to have a More Knowledgeable Other (MKO) that recently went through a similar phase that can best judge challenge progression difficulty to remain in the Zone of Mastery.

Use scaffolding to support proximal development.

What questions did newcomer ask, what questions should they have been asking.

Don't praise results, model the decision making process and provide judgement on this only.

LeadershipCreate Leaders
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