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Critical Path

Winning a rugby game or delivering a successful projects is the outcome of a stream of accurate collaborative decisions that can be backed with the skill and capacity to execute intent.

We are a product of our habits, until habits become innate, we need routines and processes to keep on track.

Follow the critical path Navigate decision maze of decisions and actions to reach a destination with optimum value creation along that path. Where value is not just cash in the bank.

Relate the critical path to the heroes journey, with challenges, triumphs, doubts and epiphanies to make an emotional connection when selling.


Clarify goals fit with Vision and Mission with outcomes aligned to Values.

Make a cashflow forecast to contrast the value of different decision options. Supplementary value analysis:

  • Lessons from the bet/experiment
  • Enhance relationships in the team, with suppliers and the customer
  • Document insights on how to improve operations in the next cycle
  • Minimise waste


Schedule Routine and Process Checks.

Product Onboarding and Education

for the state or someone else to creating a business that runs in multiple locations with multiple revenue streams.

  • Ventures out
  • Grow a loyal base
  • Recruit

Risk Management

Risk Analysis

Ask for forgiveness, not permission.