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The future is already here, but it isn't evenly distributed. Get into a position to ride the wave before you get caught in the impact zone.

Web3 is a transformative wave of technology that is flowing through all facets of life, demanding new ways of thinking about how to contribute and share in the process of value creation.

Get into position to ride the wave before you get caught in the impact zone.


Belief in identity is core to interpreting value.

Systems that enab;e trust will automate decisions to deliver managerless workflows that will:

  • Eliminate human error
  • Reduce procedural delays
  • Improve auditability and compliance
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Eliminate fees to middlemen

Operational processes across every business sector will need to evolve rapidly to maintain pace with the opportunity.

Mental Model

There is a lot to understand, but not a lot that is deeply understood.

New mental models need to evolve to recognise the opportunities where open source code on a World Computer provides permissionless innovation platform where the best ideas can win through open competition.

Remember you know nothing - Socrates

The Game

Shared ownership through creative communities.

Gaming is most likely bet to act as the trojan horse that brings the masses to crypto.


  • Self-sovereign identity & data privacy
  • Decentralized production models of creative mediums
    • Music
    • fFashion
    • Art
  • Social applications & on-ramps
  • Communication tools
  • NFTs
    • Conditional ownership
    • Rental protocols
    • NFTs as productive assets
    • NFTs as toys
    • Pricing mechanisms/analytics


Across each industry what are the leading organisations and projects leading innovation? What blockchain have they chosen? What was their decision logic?

What business processes will most impacted by web3 tech and culture?

Is there a path to creating network states?


A regulatory minefield to navigate in a race to innovate backed by the fear of being left behind.

The user experience to realise value from crypto/web3 is too complicated for the average person with confusing new language to learn. In a bull market it is hard for newcomers to find signal thought the noise of hype merchants talking their own book.

To convert everyday people will requires an overarching tech solution that provide risk free and seamless user experiences that abstract complex decision routes enabling new converts to fall into a pit of success.