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Working Memory

Stay in flow but don't lose track of ideas and actions.

Engineer routines that make it a habit to fall into a pit of success.

Time management for exploration and consolidation.

Create wave cycles for optimisation followed by simplication. Explore optimisation by running experiments then follow by a period simplifying learnings into command and control strategies.

Write to expand your thinking, edit to focus it. Writing is editing.


What are we trying to achieve? Why are we doing things this way? What is a different way to think about this?

  • Standard Operating Procedures

Create new stories



Favour taking action

The best way to determine strategy is via feedback, so favour investigation through experiments.

Improve systems by experimenting with new technology to establish a better practice

  • Follow curiousity
  • Dream to connect dots
  • Build like an engineer
  • Decide like a poker player
  • Conclude scientifically
  • Connect people with stories
  • Enjoy what you do

Constantly refine your thought loops to optimise value creation.

Bad Habits

Reading the news

  • Is this good for me?
  • Is this dense with detailed information?
  • Is this important?
  • Is this going to stand the test of time?
  • Is the person writing this well-informed on the issue?