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Accounts and Addresses

Where ETH is stored. Users can initialize accounts, deposit ETH into the accounts, and transfer ETH from their accounts to other users.

Blockchain Decisions

Aim to help solve decision fatigue by help to navigate the decision maze when selecting a blockchain strategy for a given business model.

Clean Architecture

Easy to understand, easy to maintain, and easy to extend. With a focus on shipping solutions.


The idea behind Micro Frontends is to think about a website or web app as a composition of features which are owned by independent teams. Each team has a distinct area of business or mission it cares about and specialises in. A team is cross functional and develops its features end-to-end, from database to user interface. Demo app


It is a greater challenge to form a team that works well together than to orchestrate micrservices.

Software Architecture

The highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of software that creates value.

Tailwind UI

Use Tailwind UI use to build a shared library in NX for component driven development


Improve Standardisation of Component Design.

The Third Place

How can real estate be reinvented to create positive collisions that promote community and collaboration?