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Control Loops

Feedback Loops
Shape Our Destiny


Capture the Dream


Focus with Conviction


React to Outcomes


Ask better Questions

Dreams Engineer Reality

The flow of progress begins with awareness.

Situational wisdom is the ability to make effective decisions and take appropriate actions in various situations based on an understanding of the context, nuances, and complexities involved.

It involves being able to adapt one's knowledge, skills, and judgment to suit the specific circumstances, taking into account the relevant factors and weighing the potential risks and benefits of different options.

Situational wisdom is not just about having knowledge or intelligence, but also about having practical experience, empathy, intuition, and the ability to think critically and creatively. It is often developed over time through a combination of learning from past experiences, seeking feedback and guidance from others, and continuously seeking to improve one's understanding of different situations.

Feedback Loops

The stories we repeatedly tell ourselves form the feedback loops that shape our destiny.

Those that do not learn from past experiments are doomed to repeat the same failures time and again. The biggest failure at most organisations is not maintaining a decision journal to save time and energy in growing collective wisdom.

The only way we are going to survive AI is by becoming better human beings. Invest your time and energy wisely. Practice selling stories that drive real world progress.