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Gather People with a well-balanced mix of

  • values
  • skills
  • needs

Innovation Flywheel

  1. Jobs that need to be done drive the innovation of better tooling
  2. Better tooling enables to capability to optimise processes
  3. Better tools and processes provides stronger platform
  4. Stronger platform enables attacking more complex opportunities

Documentation and Standardisation

If you want to grow everyone must follow a common approach to delivering results to improve analysis and decision forecasting.

  • Standards must be continually challenged to evolve with experiementation
  • Anyone can follow what changes have been made to a process and why


Documentation of standard processes is never complete and can always be explained better.

  • not complete until someone else can follow it to product desire outcomes
  • leaders must live by this belief

Refer to Ruby of Rails docs by DHH. MVC was not a new idea, but a lot of effort went into writing documentaton that made the framework approachable to a non-technical audience, that and the convention over configuration approach lead to heavy adoption in enabling lean startups to focus on delivering value rapidly.

Follow the Flow of Value

Follow the stream to the extremes when problem-solving how to evolve a process.

  • walk downstream, are you getting desired outcomes?
  • walk upstream, what inputs are you working with?
  • what action are you taking to create desired results?
  • what could go wrong? and how can this be mitigated?

A valuable engineer solves the problem upstream and documents the solution confirming that someone else understands the solution. A lazy engineer patches a problem and moves on.

Operating Principles

Level up Platform, Process and People to continually evolve the game.

Engineer systems that evolve Organisational Intelligence and Optimism. Humans and Machines working together to maximise Intellectual Capital.

  1. Learn first principles,
  2. Engineer routines that create good habits
  3. Tell valuable stories
  4. Use DCF Analysis to help Decide

Good engineering is built upon a strong discipline to follow and evolve best practices.

See operational principles checklist for more.


Pipe together best tools for the job to be done to save time and resources by automating processes.


The future is alredy here just not evenly distrubuted.

People - Teamwork


Better people run better businesses; Better trade makes a better world

If you are in a great team and you focus on the discipline of improving your systems you cannot lose. You might lose some battles but in the long run as true wealth is measured in the number of strong interpersonal connections.


If you invest heavily in a few smart people, you have a very small learning surface exposed: there is only so much even very bright people can learn at one time. Whereas when the entire team meets a certain standard for competence, there is a very large learning surface exposed and the team is able to absorb more information