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Business Roles

Balance recruitment and nuturing talent vs strategic and operational demands:

Collective Wisdom

Capability to do the right thing, the right way in the right time for the right reasons.


Scale your community with tools to reward contributors, incentivize participation and manage resources.

DAO Problems

What are the biggest challenges that DAOs need to solve?

DAO Tools

Tools that help teams to create bespoke, custom-made DAOs - or to supplement or enhance existing DAOs.

Decision Log

The integrity to create a transparent record for future review to enable continous improvment.

Decision Making

Successful organisations disagree then commit to their decisions after mitigating risk by setting up subsequent decision triggers in advance to take corrective action when reality does meet expectations.

Desci DAOs

Key strengths over traditional conventions are:

Knowledge Capture Questions

Use questions to evolve a collective brain to improve information processing for mitigating threats and maximising opportunities.


The Leader is the one that knows what to do next.

Social DAOs

Key strengths over traditional conventions are:


Can we engineer soul into our systems?

Third Place

What does the ultimate collaborative creativity, health and educational space look like?


Treasury operations are a strong candidate to be replaced by a DAO.

Types of DAOs

Pioneering types of DAOs that are shaping the standard operating procedures and systems to co-ordinate decentralised decision making.

Web3 DAO Project

See DAO Frontier for more on purpose and future direction of DAOs. For more on engineering how-to, see source code analysis of leading DAO projects.