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Breath correctly, feel better, live longer.


You cannot borrow conviction, it must earned.

Critical Path

Strategy and tactics to follow the path that maintains the optimal state of flow.

Decision Architecture

Decision Architecture is a field of study and practice that focuses on the design of choices and decision-making processes. It involves the systematic organisation and structure of information, options, and feedback to influence and guide people's decisions towards desired outcomes.

Decision Automation

The advantage of smart contract are ability to automate decisions and release energy to execute on them.


Tap into nightmares to create movement, feed dreams to provide direction, aligning intentions and focus attention.


All that matters is a state of mind.


The Flywheel Model create virtuous cycles through focusing on enhancing customer experience to build trusted relationships via continuous learning from feedback data. This combination of insights into human behaviour and with weight of goodwill for delivering core promises, provides a platform to experiment with tangential opportunities to drive growth across multiple domain problems.


Save money as it makes apps more resilient and performant with less human resources.


Gather assets and practice skills to improve capability to take effective action on decisions.


Maintaining and cleansing the lymphatic system is an important aspect of maintaining peak health.


Business model defensibility.

Organisation Networks

Organisations that build the strongest culture into their reason for being will win, and win big.


Success depends on balancing priorities.


Play games that teach decision analysis through probabilities and risk management.

Project Scope

Make the best strategic decisions for what next? through continous process optimisation:

Snowball Effect

When Product, Process, People and Platform combine with enough momentum to begin the Snowball Effect.