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Calm is contagious.


How can you improve balancing priorities?


Aim to spend time with people that don't blow hot and cold based on their whims.


Experimentalism is the philosophical belief that the way to truth is through experiments and empiricism. It is also associated with instrumentalism, the belief that truth should be evaluated based upon its demonstrated usefulness. Experimentalism is considered a theory of knowledge that emphasizes direct action and scientific control as well as methods and consequences.


Humans are more motivated more by loss than gains.


At our core we most crave Gratitude from having fullfilled our purpose to live to up to our sense of destiny.

Growth Mindset

People with a growth mindset take extra effort to pass on knowledge because they believe in a bigger purpose and understand the benefit to the big picture.

Ikea Effect

Why do we place disproportionately high value on things we helped to create?


People are the layer zero of technology.


Play to Learn, Play and Earn.

Self Mastery

How to think and act productively, particularly when times are tough.


Can we engineer soul into our systems?


Don't give up. But rest smart. A blunt axe is next to useless.


People feel happier when they trust their best intentions are being looked after.