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Affinity Diagram

Use affinity maps to bundle ideas and facts into a better mental model.

Common Wisdom

Develop a common brain to evolve collaborative co-ordination.

Content Audit

Meta of the matter - thinking about how best to think about things.


List useful words and phrases that you often forget what they mean.


Evolve mantra to maintain control of your thought loop and make better decisions in times of pressure when we need assistance to overcome our system one biases.


To acheive Assisted Intelligence, the Meta of the Matter is where the value lies.

Meta Learning

Use projects to expand knowledge frontiers then contract to fine tune standard procedures.

Problem Statement

A problem statement should describe an undesirable gap between the current-state level of performance and the desired future-state level of performance.

Thought Types

Log chain of thought and events that have evolved thinking on a particular subject. Use this to onboard new people and provide better context for future decisions that impact the subject.